Friday, June 27, 2014

Kingdom of Heaven Study

(Click to See a larger version)

Hey all. Here's a study I did from a screencap of the film Kingdom of Heaven. It started more as a copy at the beginning but I eventually wound up using it to try to experiment with painting process stuff. Regardless, it matches the photo decently well I suppose. Some things are still incomplete or inaccurate but I kind of got tired of it after a long while and I feel like my time would be better spent doing more, quicker screencap and photo studies that focus on painting efficiently in addition to studying lighting/value matching.

Anyway, here's a brief look at the process:

Took a little over 8 hours total I think. No color sampling/cut&paste from the original photo. Most of the patterns on the wall were made in another file and then tiled onto the painting.

Here's the original shot:

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